BRF Trailer Germany GDP Certification Test Success

BRF Trailer, one of the leading manufacturers of cold chain transportation, has successfully passed the GDP certification test conducted in Germany.
GDP is a quality standard of the World Health Organization that regulates the quality of drug storage and transportation.
In the tests lasting 5 days at the international independent certification center in Germany, the BRF vehicle taken at the air conditioning station, in the measurements made with the heat sensors placed at 21 different points, successfully passed the summer and winter tests within the framework of DIN 91323 standards. It has been documented that drug transportation can be done in a way that can be done.

Stating that they give priority to providing the most suitable solution for the needs of the end user with their FRC certified production in accordance with ATP legislation, Member of the Board of Directors Hasan Ramazan, the most advanced sandwich panel production technology, product variety and quality ensure that BRF takes firm steps forward in cold chain transportation. " said.

Apart from the BRF Standard Refrigerated Trailer, it serves the cold transportation sector with nine different products:
  1. Double Deck/Double Deck Refrigerated Trailer
  2. Meat Hook Refrigerated Trailer
  3. Duesseldorf-Egg Transport Vehicle
  4. Multi Temp-Refrigerated Trailer with Intermediate Compartment
  5. Flower Transport Vehicle
  6. Refrigerated Truck Body
  7. Curtainsider Refrigerated Trailer
  8. Side Doors / Multi-Door Refrigerated Trailer
BRF Trailer Panels are industry standard “sandwich” panels made of polyurethane material with the highest thermal insulation properties. BRF Refrigerated Trailers, which are produced with sandwich panels manufactured with the "wet on wet" system between fiberglass GRP sheets, are the preferred products of cold transportation with their thermal insulation capabilities, resistance to impacts and lightness.

The first 6 deliveries of Farma/GDP certified vehicles were made to RAM-TAŞ Logistics, one of the successful companies in Hatay.

Other News

BRF Trailer, a manufacturer of frigorific trailers, which pursues activity in our city and adopts the FRC certified productions suitable for the ATP legislation and determines the needs of the end user and offers the most suitable solution, is trying to minimize the effects of fluctuations in the domestic market by concentrating exports with foreign fairs.
BRF Trailer, which starts a small workshop activity and gives a new brand to Hatay, gives its customers the opportunity to move faster while lowering and unloading with its 'curtains-driven frigoric trailer'.
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