Hatay's facial flux; BRF Trailer

BRF Trailer, which starts a small workshop activity and gives a new brand to Hatay, gives its customers the opportunity to move faster while lowering and unloading with its 'curtains-driven frigoric trailer'.
BRF Trailer started a small workshop of 400 square meters in Yeni Sanayi Sitesi in Hatay's Antakya district. The company, which was active in 2004 with the experience and knowledge gained by the father's profession, traveled a lot in a short time. So much so that the BRF produced its first vehicle a year after its foundation. Successful company, in 2010 when the factory moved to the site of Antakya Dericiler. Since the day it was founded, the company that manufactures and maintains frigorific semi trailers continues its production of 12 thousand square meters of area with 5 branches closed. On the other hand, the company will again participate in the World's largest commercial vehicle fair, which will be held on 22-29 September 2016 in Hanover, Germany, with a very special vehicle.
BRF refrigerated trailer that made its name in the trailer sector is also a policy in Turkey is signing. 'Curtainsider refrigerated trailer for the first time said they were in the position of a producer BRF Trailer Assistant General Manager Hasan Ramadan in Turkey, records that provide solution-oriented services to clients. Ramadan, "Especially in the region of production we are in Hatay'da sliding curtains refrigerated trailer products attract great interest. Hatay is especially good for transporting vegetables and fruit. A large majority of our local customers want to move faster while loading and unloading goods while warehousing in warehouses and warehouses. Our new product, the curtains with refrigerated trailers, makes this possible. It can carry products that can move from zero to plus 18 degrees. Downloading and unloading can be done in a very short time. It also has the ability to take the tarpaulin load when the frigo cargo takes off and when there is no frigo cargo. "
Hasan Ramadan, said that they are starting to head towards the Middle East, "Our customer portfolio has a wide range. We have a portfolio of clients from individual companies to medium-sized philanthropy and numbered companies. Due to the shrinking of the trailer sector, we have started to focus on the Middle East. We invest in regions such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan. The stagnant watching of the domestic market is pushing us to fix the position we are in. We will put more emphasis on automation in production. We are planning to add new products to improve quality portfolio. We are among our targets to increase our share of exports in different countries, in different projects in the Middle East ".
Ramazan also provides information about annual production capacities, "Our product range has 4 basic products. We are an operation oriented boutique production style, we produce 200 trailers per year. We are a company that specializes in this issue especially for food transportation. We have a customer portfolio mainly customers from all provinces of Turkey but around Mersin and Hatay. We are trying to create our dealer network yet ".
Hasan Ramadan concludes: "BRF trailer panels consist of 'sandwich' panes made from high density polyurethane material. Fiberglass is produced by CTP hot-press method with 'wet on wet' system between sheets. High quality, high heat insulation, low impact resistance and low maintenance panels make the BRF a reality for our customers. "

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BRF Trailer, one of the leading manufacturers of cold chain transportation, has successfully passed the GDP certification test conducted in Germany.
BRF Trailer, a manufacturer of frigorific trailers, which pursues activity in our city and adopts the FRC certified productions suitable for the ATP legislation and determines the needs of the end user and offers the most suitable solution, is trying to minimize the effects of fluctuations in the domestic market by concentrating exports with foreign fairs.
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